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Welcome to Arkiv Gävleborg

We preserve and provide access more than 6000 archives from popular movements, clubs and associations, companies and individuals in the region of Gävleborg. In documents and records peoples dreams and ambitions, religious and political beliefs are reflected.

Archives from clubs and associations include all kinds of organisations, like unions, temperance associations, sports clubs, political parties, churches and charities.

Archives from companies reflect the corporate and industrial history, from sawmills and iron mills in our region to banking, insurance, shipping and news.

Family archives and personal archives hold information of peoples lives and homes.

Book a group visit to experience examples from our archives. For schools we offer selected programs with workshops. Please contact us for more information. 

Arkiv Gävleborg receives financial support from Region Gävleborg and from the municipalities in Gävleborg county. The region has a culture plan that the archive, the county´s museums and other cultural institutions should try to implement. 

+46 2610 88 70

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